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Naya Pakistan – A Father’s Letter to his Children

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Dear Mahnoor, Mehr & Ibrahim,
Many years from now, you may see this blogpost and be proud of me, your Baba. It’s May 2013. 1 more day to go for the biggest and probably the most important election of Pakistan’s history. At this key turning point in history, where our beloved country couldn’t be in a worse state, economically, politically and financially, I pledge to play my part to give you what I didn’t have when I was growing up. A clean, corruption-free, safe and progressive country to be proud of. I pledge to contribute to it’s history by casting my vote to bring change. A change for a better, newer and improved Pakistan. A country which you too are proud of when you grow up and live to make it even better.

I didn’t do anything to improve it for myself. But I am going to do what I can to make it better for you. I could have just watched and talked the talk. I could have done nothing more than sitting in front of the TV and cheered. I could have saved the trouble and money and stayed at our home away from home instead of going back to our homeland to register my choice. However, I didn’t. I walked the talk. I not only convinced myself to go back to our homeland and vote but convinced others who were just waiting to be checked upon.

My children, never forget your roots. Wherever you go in this world, there is one place which will always welcome you with open arms and that is your country, your Pakistan. Never forget, never abandon, never lose hope. I know I did. I shouldn’t have lost hope, but I did. Maybe it was the best choice at the time that I could do for you, for me, for us. However, I never abandoned it. You can take the Pakistani out of the Pakistan but you can’t take the Pakistan out of the Pakistani.

When you grow up, and you realize you have lost inspiration, find it through this blogpost. Find patriotism, if you forget who you are. Most importantly, be proud of your Baba. I did the best I could, for you. All my decisions drive around what is best for you and your future. A small drop in the ocean of change however, I wouldn’t regret that I didn’t play my part. So remember this.

My vote for change. My vote for righteousness. My vote for truth. My vote for dignity. My vote for sovereignty of our nation. My vote for economic progress. My vote for social equality. My vote for pride. My vote for my country. My vote for your future. My vote… My… vote. My voice, the expression of my individuality, My Promise.

My vote for Naya Pakistan. Inshallah, Naya Pakistan.

With all my love, your Baba,
Umar Pirzada
10th May 2013

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