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Pakistan – A Dawn of a New Era – Election 2013

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What I am seeing today is something I have never seen before and to be honest, I had never expected to see in my life. The status quo has been shaken. The empire of the corrupt will fall. It took a long time coming but it has finally arrived. The people of Pakistan have awoken. We are unstoppable now.

“The truth will set you free”, was something I heard in some movie. It was nothing more than a movie dialogue until today. As I see the corrupt leadership of “status quo” stand confused on how to manage this new age phenomenon. All their poll rigging, terrorism of their militant wings, revealed through social media, TV, everything out into the open. People finding power and more power, becoming fearless, as they stand together. They realize, they are not alone anymore. A mere few 100 people can’t control the masses on the basis of terror. Enough videos, messages getting shared online, on how the common man and woman of Pakistan has stood up to injustice and giving it back into their faces.

The Pillars of Status Quo are shaking and are about to fall. A dawn of a new era, a Naya (new) Pakistan is about to emerge where a true democratic choice of government will be created.

I can’t help but quote an excerpt from, one of Faiz’s most inspiring piece of work, which before now was nothing more than a sip of inspiration whenever needed and I never expected it to become a reality at least for me. The hope of a new dawn, and then living to strive for that day when all good comes to power and all evil is defeated. The eventual win for good over evil.

Jab Zulm-o-Sitam ke Koh-e-garaan,
Ruii ki Tarah Urrh Jain Gay,
Hum Mehkumoon ke Paun Talay,
Yeh Dharti Dhare Dharr dharrkay gi,
Aur Ehl-e-Hukum ke Sar ooper,
Jab Bijli karr Karr karr gi,
Hum dekhein Gay!!


When the mountains of cruelty and torture
Will fly like pieces of cotton
Under the feet of the governed
This earth will quake
And over the head of the ruler
When lightening will thunder
We shall see

Complete nazm (poetry) with English translation at this link.

Faiz’s dream comes true!! I never thought I would see this in my life what I am seeing today!! Power to the People, more Power to the combined voice and it has proven that when it comes together, no one can stop it.

While obviously, I am hoping we get a new honest leadership through Imran Khan, I would not be completely lost even if he doesn’t get a winning majority. The thing to be proud of today is how the nation has come together to vote. I am still very happy of how the nation has stood in front of the known traditional powers who have ruled for many years through terror which is built from corruption that they did while being in power. The vicious cycle of terror to power to corruption to terror may have been broken.

Proud of my country-mates of Pakistan. Proud to be a Pakistani. At the peak of patriotism today. My heart is pounding so hard with pride since I woke up this morning, at how powerful we have shown we can be, when we want to be. Let the fire remain alive in our hearts and let’s take our country into the future and make it one that is respected, valued and seen with honor and dignity across the globe.

If we don’t take that responsibility, then who else?

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