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Letter to ECP – Complaint registered for Poll Rigging – Election 2013

Posted by utp as The Observer

I have played my part and registered my complaint at If you also agree, please play your part. You may use the content below, if you want. I am sure if enough messages reach them either via email or any other mechanism, manual of electronic, they will take notice. Let’s play our part and leave the rest to them to play their role. Allah Tawakkul!!


Dear Sir,
I have seen enough videos coming from all constituencies in Karachi showing pre-poll and post-poll rigging and high chance of irregularities which should mark the results null and void.

I am concerned that my vote and of many other Karachites has been misused or compromised. The party coming out strongly in any Karachi constituency as per indicators on media, does not have the “people’s mandate” as the results would incorrectly indicate, which defeats the purpose of a free and fair election, impacting the democratic process. While I am not an expert in the area but this should be a violation of the constitution and code of conduct as well, you may decide best.

I am sure you would have seen these videos also going viral in the social media. If not, I would be happy to direct these to your attention.

Take for example, a particular party’s candidate won 170,000 votes from a constituency. If we do the math, this means that in the 10 hours of voting (assuming if this happened, as you know, it didn’t), there were 10×60, 600 minutes available. Assuming robots were processing votes, 283 votes per minute were casted meaning more than 4 votes per second were casted.

I don’t think this is humanly possible and last I heard, the ECP did not hire robots for election duty. My own experience was standing in queue for at least 3 hours and the process of validating my identity being pretty non-electronic, took at least 5 minutes to cast one. This is the best case scenario.

Appreciate if notice is taken and elections are re-conducted in Karachi with all polling stations marked sensitive and Army involved in the end to end process with physical presence overlooking each step. This is the only way to get a free and fair election in Karachi which holds 20 important seats in National Assembly and 42 in the Provincial Assembly which could have a big political impact in the final outcome of the election and hence formation of government.

For now, my concern is on Karachi as my vote was conducted there. However, we have seen pre-poll and post-poll rigging videos coming from other places in Sindh as well as from Punjab. We would request for attention in those constituencies as well so the outcome of this important event which is the main responsibility of the ECP at the moment, is a clear and fair representation of the people of Pakistan.

This would be really considerate of you and probably the most appropriate decision from your side. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Umar Pirzada

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